Thursday, 22 March 2012

It's the little things in life....

Well this week has gone so fast already I have no idea where my blogging routine went, totally out of the window clearly!

So to my blog title, what do I mean? Well Spring seems to have well and truly sprung here in the UK,  although to be fair one can never be sure there may be snow next week! However although with some changes I'm making in life and some changes that have happened anyway, I've been taking a little step back and trying to appreciate the little things in life.

I am not a gardener, never had been, but I like plants and flowers, there is one particular tree/bush I see every spring and I think, I'd quite like one of them, only this week did I find out it's a Magnolia! Oh please let it be a Magnolia and I'm not showing my gardening ignorance ha ha

How beautiful? There is nothing that quite shouts Spring to me like this, I think I'm going to get me one, although I imagine by the time I do, blossom season will be gone!

I also went for a long walk yesterday in  the sunshine, listening to the birds singing and the sun on my face. It was truly blissful. As someone who is self employed you so often get into the habit of thinking that you must work every hour of every day and every evening and weekend too. This is not good for the soul! I recently lost a contract which was quite a number of hours, so I am left a little adrift, not quite knowing what to do and not quite earning enough but trying to make a decision where to go next. I've realised decisions will only be arrived at by stepping away from working all the hours, getting some fresh air and making some changes! So that's where I am....

I'm back at the gym & swimming despite my ongoing knee problems, saw the consultant on Monday it will be 4-5 months until I have an operation and I'm not waiting that long to exercise again. I've only been back to it a couple of days and apart from an aching knee, I feel good!

I just took 10 minutes out to have a CafĂ© Cubano made by myself of course, the only way to drink espresso coffee!


So do you ever step back and take it all it and try to appreciate the little things in life? Does it help you to come to a decision? Or is it just something you do regularly anyway?


Alix said...

Oh decisions - I'm not very good at those...I think I mostly let life just muddle along. It would probably be good to step back and look at it, but I'm too busy enjoying the ride - wherever it takes me... (Luckily, I think I still get to appreciate the little things too!)

Miss Magpie said...

If I make a decision I have to lie down in a dark corner, me and decision making don't go together lol.

Magnolia's are lovely at this time of year and one should do well in your garden, if I recall correctly that you said you have clay soil? The best way to find out what will grow in your garden without getting all technical and doing soil tests etc, is to take a walk around your local area and see what thrives in the gardens there.

I'm sorry to hear the knee is going to have to wait for so long.

Coedith said...

Interesting the photo of the espresso was taken by a friend of my hubby's. Small internet world!
I also am trying to 'stop and smell the roses' so to speak. In doing so I haven't blogged in quite some time. I will again, but for now I am just slowing down and enjoying simple things like walks, housewifey stuff and books.
Good for you on the exercise!

Vix said...

I love magnolias, too. What a fantastic suggestion of Miss Magpie to look at other gardens to find out about what grows well.
Sorry about the long wait with the knee. You're right to get back to exercising so that you can get fitter and ready for the op. You never know, you may get a cancellation and get in sooner, it's not unheard of once Summer arrives and people on the waiting list go on holiday. xxx

Katrin said...

Just today I saw this years first blooming magnolia. They are one of my favorite spring signs. Magnolias and bumble bees. So perfect.

delia hornbook said...

That is one gorgeous photo of the magnolia tree against the blue sky. I think it really does help to step back from life sometimes it takes on a totally different view that we can't always see when we are in the throws of it so to speak. I hope your knee is sorted soon its horrible when you have to wait when you are in pain. Take care, dee x

La Dama said...

That is a one beautiful photo of the magnolia.
mmm cafe cubano sounds really good.
maybe exercising will help with the operation.
I go with with my intuition all the time.

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

I'm all for the slow and simple kind of life.

My financial life has changed drastically after giving up my salaried teaching job and going back to just substituting. Like you, I live on a tight budget and go without things I might have splurged on a year ago. Some things I miss but most of them I don't because I never really needed them. :)

Good luck with your decision.


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