Thursday, 1 March 2012

Turned on

Now that made you look didn't it? I'm talking about the book Turned On which is in fact about Decorative Lamps of the 50s.

In my little season of books I love, I had to feature this, it's not as glamorous as the last 2 but I do love lamps, I have talked about this before, lamps are my thing and if I could afford loads I'd have loads whether I had the space or not!

This is a nice little book, it does give you a bit of background to the electric lamp and in fact electricity in the home but for me it's all about the pictures. Sadly some of them are pretty small and haven't come out well through my scanner, but I've included a couple here.

It would be an exaggeration to say my life would be complete if I had these lamps below but boy it would make me happy for a very long time!

I adore the colours in this one and the overall styling, I also love the concertina shades, I don't have a lamp with this shade, they're usually only from the US and I haven't found one within my budget with the shipping within my budget also, shipping is really expensive when it comes to lamps like this!

Sorry about the scanning quality I suspect it's my fault, must mess about with the settings at some point.

Anyway my point is, if you love lamps from the 50s you'll love this book, it's a nice little one to flick through.

Talking of lamps, I spotted this beauty on ebay the other day.

I've never seen this design before, I prayed that no one else had spotted it but I started to see the bids build, I was even prepared to go over my usually stingy budget, however she started to go waaaay past even my top price. How much did she eventually go for? £282!! She is lovely though, but wow!


Tasha said...

If it tells you anything about how much I love vintage lamps (we actually, Mel is as obsessed as I am), you know we're in a 1 bedroom condo currently and we have 6 table lamps. Ha! I still have to get matching shades for the two green antelope ones in the living room and I may have to get repro ones if we can't find a pair.

I would absolutely adore each lamp you showed above!!

Vix said...

I love them all! I'm a sucker for a vintage lamp, too. I can't help myself. That one you spotted on eBay was fab but what a price! x

delia hornbook said...

What a great book that looks. I love lamps to but i never seem to spot any like that. The last one is a beauty. dee x

Tara said...

What a cool book! I also love those lamps! My husband's bubbe had a set of 50s era lamps in her Boca Raton, Florida condo that were amazing. They were a ceramic 18th century man and lady pair but their cord and/or wall plugs were very damaged. One night, we went to turn on of the lamps on and it made this loud buzzing noise and big blue spark flew out! We quickly unplugged it! I wanted to re-wire them but they were thrown out.

I did manage to find a wonderful mid-century, ceramic and fiberglass lamp back in October and it was in amazing condition! I only paid $85.00usd for it!

I have seen some gorgeous lamps on Etsy and ebay but the prices and shipping are high!

I adore the lamp in the photo second from the bottom! Swoon!

In The Heyday said...

That last one is a right stunner

Mrs Molly Doll said...

I love and want them all! I am hoping I can find a nice pair when we are in america that will fit in our suitcases...highly unlikey but I will be optimistic! The shipping is really a killer.
x Molly

Kally said...

Oh my goodness, I have that lady's cousin! She looks Spanish so it must have been a series of Internationally themed ladies. Mine is a beautiful Geisha, she's standing up and the black part with the lamp socket coming out of it is exactly the same (although you can't see it much as it's behind her). Unfortunately I don't know anything about who made her. Here she is (she was £60):

The book looks great, I will definitely be buying it! So many droolworthy lamps... so few of them available to the UK :(

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