Saturday, 5 June 2010

Loving what you have - part 2!

My husband and I were talking this morning about a chair we used to have years ago, I have no idea what happened to it, we must have sold it, we have bought and then sold so much in the past 20+ years. Then it occurred to me that as someone who has been collecting mid century clothes, homewares and music for this long sometimes you forget what lovely things you already have, you are constantly searching for the next thing, believe me it's habit after all this time!

So I went around my home this afternoon and took pics of some of the things that go largely ignored but actually give me joy when I remember to look at them. I hope you like them too.

This Hula Honey sits on my bedside table, I love her. They have done so many of these recently in plastic but she's an original and made of some type of pottery, she's sadly got a couple of chips on her hair flower and at the end of her ukelele, but this just means she's been with me for a loooong time!

I also like the detail at the back with the little pineapple at the base!

This is one of those little ornaments that sits on a cabinet and you realise you haven't truly looked at it in years, it's rather cute isn't it, very 50s in colour and style, I have dragged him out and put him in a more prominent place!

These are the most fabulous drinks coasters in their own container. Again I forget I have these even though they are always there! Sad really cos they are lovely.

I have got loads more in the house that I know I don't appreciate enough - or in fact even notice! - but sometimes doing a post like this helps me to appreciate those little things I already have!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

I did a few posts like this last year. It's a fantastic idea!

Sometimes rearranging what we have, or packing a few things away and bringing out different things, will revitalize our appreciation for what we already have.

And sharing them with our fellow bloggers can give us a new perspective on them. What has become something you don't often notice, will be admired by many.

Besides, we all love to see what everyone else has!

Your Hula girl is soooo adorable!

Space Commander said...

Very Nice goodies.... every home needs to have a Hula Honey!

Mom would always rotate decor and rearrange furniture, almost daily. We teased her quite a bit for being the Queen Diva of Rearranging!

Darlene said...

AHA! Now this is the true spirit of a vintage-lover, when she can reignite her passions for what she has yet to part with. Because, there is a habit of us vintage folk that we hoard and tuck away things... Soon, we forget that which has been nestled, so this post is a welcome cognitive operandi that I will proudly share with my blogger readers. Thank you for the reminder!

P.S. I love vintage Hawaiiana, and your hula girl is positively dreamy. :)

Nice to meet you!

Hello from across the pond,

Straight Talking Mama! said...

hey thanks all, it's really inspire me to do more posts like this, it does make me appreciate what I have so much more!

Helen Highwater said...

We've got that pelican as well!!! ;D

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