Thursday, 10 June 2010

Relaxing, how do you do it?

Really I'm serious, any tips welcome!

I have realised only in the last few months - yep finally at my age - I find it very very hard to relax! I do work very hard as I run my own business and that doesn't just mean a 9-5 situation, I'll often be working til 9 at night and very often at weekends, so when I get time off I want to make the most of it but I struggle like hell.

Of course this is exacerbated by the fact that I'm broke, and before you say anything I know that there are a lot of free things in life that are relaxing, I guess what I'm saying it going out for nice meals, days out or going shopping for the day are out of the question, oh and we don't have a bath just a walk in shower for Paul's accessibility, so a long hot soak is out, which I miss.

Anyway today I came across a photo which combines all the things that make me relax, so for now to relax I'm just going to stare at this photo!!

So what makes me relax? My lovely husband (mmm sometimes that is, sometimes he drives me insane!), the ocean, palm trees, blue skies and being in California. Really when I look at this photo it's like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders. I could really do with winning the lottery so I can get us back out there cos believe me there isn't much in way of blue skies and palm trees in the UK right now!

I am serious now, any tips for relaxing on the cheap, bear in mind, lack of funds & disabled husband so no long walks anywhere as I'll be doing it on my own!


Coedith said...

You are basically looking at it! Meaning I escape into the interweb for a bit and relax. Beyond that reading is the ultimate relaxation. Although to read I almost have to be relaxed already otherwise my mind is racing a mile a minute about other tasks that need my attention. So finally we have the gin gimlet.

punk in writing said...

I like to unwind by growing stuff. I have some herbs in my kitchen window and flowers, tomato plants and some other edible stuff on my balcony.

Cooking things from scratch also calms me down. I think it's because I'm using other parts of my brain than I do when I'm working.

Anonymous said...

Gardening is a good one, I miss having a garden though my window sill is looking rather healthy at the moment.

I also like knitting or sewing as a way to relax or something creative. I think anything that channels positive energy is relaxing you just need to find what's best for you.

Darlene said...


You too have a disabled hubby? Well, you're not alone here. Mine is as well... So in this way, I know what you mean.

Let's see, things to relax on the cheap:

1.) Are you in the city or country in the UK? Either way, take a stroll. Just walk around, doesn't have to be far, but look for the birds. Take a camera with you and record what you see. If not a camera, take a bird book with you so you can reference the birds you see with their names.

2.) Picnics. Picnics are fun because they usually involve cheap(ish) foods to include in your basket, and you get to get outside a while.

3.) Tea time. I mean it. Take an hour to just soak up an effervescent cup of your favorite. Let the flavor sort of melt into your tongue.

4.) Write letters to friends in far away places. As in real pen to paper kind of letters. Make them poetic, make them journalistic, make them full of jokes, whatever.... just because we're in the digital age does not mean a letter isn't a fun something to do or to receive!

Okay, I don't know how your time looks these days, so I gave you a couple good starter ideas, I hope. I love that you're in the UK. I want to study at Cambridge (Christopher Marlowe territory- woot!) and I would love to connect with people that I meet here.

Please know you are not alone.

Hugs and love from Chicago-

Mariliz said...

I sew. It relaxes me so much. Craigslist, thrift stores and yard sales are the best place to pick up an affordable sewing machine (sometimes free) and also great places to get fabrics and notions on the cheap.

Miss Matilda said...

You can pick up a relaxation CD on ebay cheapers and play one of those in a dark room, I like the sea one or the tropical rainforest!!

If all else fails a nice bubble bath!!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

thanks all! What great suggestions, I am going to try harder!

I do have those relaxation CDs I forget I have them so I'm going to start with that first.

I've also decided to have some 'me' time more often.

Also to all those ladies who said sewing, yep me too it also relaxes me but I rarely have the time to complete a project I start, however I'm going to give it a go again!

phenolicfanatic said...

hey fiona

I too am trying to work on not pushing myself to the point of exhaustion- and trying to find some inner peace!

My list

Alone time and quiet time- just me and a cup of tea!

I'm trying to be "in the now", I try and catch myself when I am not present in the moment- and off in 50 000 different directions and thoughts- to just tend to what I am doing- relaxation cds do the job for this one I reckon! slowing your breathing down and focussing on your breath.

Tending a small garden- just some pots- enough to get my hands into soil- no big jobs!

Some meditation time/ tai chi/ pilates stuff- exercises I do at home with a mat and swiss ball so not expensive. There's lots of stuff on youtube if you want to learn tai chi or qi quong. I get up early before work and do half an hour of pilates- sets me for the day.

Morning sun- good for the mental health and apparently in terms of mood best time of day to get some sunlight on you for you brain chemistry :)

Free art exhibitions- or even a trip to town buy myself, a bit of window shopping or going down my fave city laneways and a coffee (well cup of tea for me!) somewhere nice will keep me happy (and relaxed). Makes me feel connected to the rest of the world.

Small sewing projects- just a bit of mending or altering can focus me and be very zen- anything too big and it overwhelms. Nothing like unpicking a seam or hemming a skirt- I swear it works!

Hot shower, warm pjs, clean sheets, hot drink and some soothing music- for me something latin jazz based- maybe stan getz and luis bonfa or horace silver (songs from my father) best album ever! People also share some amazing music via blogs too :)

A couple bucks (literally) to go thrifting will satisfy me too!

Let me know how you go, michele xx

Ivy Black said...

If I didn't have my garden, I don't think I would relax at all! And sewing, especially a bit of hand sewing infront of a Columbo re run! x

Lisa - I Need A Typist Virtual Assistant Services said...

I just can't quite see you bird watching or drinking tea! I can imagine you getting into gardening, but think it can be expensive for impatient types like us! :)

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