Monday, 27 February 2012

Book Launch at the Ric Rac Club

I know I'm behind the times a little with my posts and apologies for this. I went to the book launch of Naomi Thompson's Style Me Vintage: Clothes last weekend - not the one just gone!

But I spent all my time chatting and didn't even get my camera out so I had to wait until a couple of other bloggers got their photos up and asked if I could steal them, too much chat not enough picture taking.

We got ready for the night out at Shona's house, it was fun and the first picture is from Shona's In the Heyday  Blog, and also include myself and Charlotte from Tuppence Ha'penny. We did a silly Charlies Angels shot!

The party was fun. It's not the sort of thing I've been to a lot and although I'm a very sociable type I was slightly worried that it would be more networking than chat, my fears were unfounded!! I had so much fun meeting lots of people I'd only ever met online previously.

There were some very stylishy dressed people there with all decades represented! Naomi seemed to have fun but looked rather dazed and overwhelmed, I'm not surprised, a successful book in print and lots of friends to help her celebrate her success, it was rather overwhelming!!

The following photos are all courtesy of Charlotte from Tuppence Ha'penny, thanks Charlotte!!

This is one of my favourite pictures, these girls are all lovely, but when asked to pull a bitch face they do it to perfection, love it ha ha!

It had all got a bit much for Paul at this point but I was still standing!

Another of my favourites! I do love it when people are dressed up beautifully but pull faces! The lady on the left is from Naomi's publisher but in the middle is Gemma from Retrochick and the very fabulous Margaret from Penny Dreadful Vintage pulling her best gurning face he he!

It was a great great night and I hope to meet up with all these lovely ladies again soon!


Vix said...

What fabulously glam ladies! You all look gorgeous. I'm not surprised Paul had to sit down surrounded by all that glamour! x

Perdita said...

Great to see you there!What a fab night!

Kim Bombshell said...

LOL, the "bitch faces" made me laugh. I saw the photo before reading what you wrote and thought to myself, "what sour pusses!"

Looks like a marvelous time.

LandGirl1980 said...

It was an AAAAAAH-SOME night!

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