Friday, 10 February 2012

Shoe Glorious Shoes!

As some of you already know, I do some freelance work for Miss L Fire and I've been dying to share their Spring/Summer collection for ages now! However now they've officially put pictures on their FB page I feel I can finally share my love!!

The hardest thing about working with such a great company is seeing all the gorgeous shoes and wanting every last one of them. So I'll show you some of my real top favourites. They won't be on the website until the end of this month but that gives you time to choose and set up a savings plan ha ha!






And those are just my absolute favourites, there are more I love

I'm kind of a lucky gal really as not only do I work for Miss L Fire but I also work for Shona at Heyday. I spent Tuesday with Shona discussing the future moving forward and of course looking for inspirations for new designs, of course that was our favourite part of the day, I honestly think we could spend a whole week doing that. If you want to see one of the new designs on it's way have a look at In The Heyday blog it shows a gorgeous new coat that is going to be in the Heyday range. In fact here's a picture from the blog, sorry for stealing Shona, but you look fab!

What a gorgeous coat and photo isn't it?

Lastly I just want to apologise about my lack of posting, I'm having continued problems with my knee - ongoing since October -  I finally see the consultant on Monday but I'm in quite a bit of pain and it's leading to lack of sleep and extreme grumpiness, which as you know is not my general mood so it's been hard to feel motivated to blog, but I do miss it so I'm going to try to make myself more often. Oh it also means I've been to grumpy to sew too, although I did start on a pair of trousers last weekend so I might have them finished this weekend and will show you!


delia hornbook said...

So sorry to hear about your knee fingers crossed it gets sorted soon for you. I love her coat and i did comment on her post about it the other week. She is one very clever lady. Those green shoes and polko dot ones are gorgeous ;-) Take care and thank you for your lovely comment on my post. dee x

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Yay for the shoes, it will come as no suprise to you that I am in LOVE with those amazing swallow sandals (not the ones you have shown, the ones with the big swallows on them.) Gorgeous!
Bummer about your knee :( this cold snap will do that no favours either, boo. Hope you feel better soon :) x

Miss Magpie said...

Fingers crossed for monday. x

La Dama said...

You lucky lady!
I adore Miss L Fire shoes but too pricey for me. I been looking at the sales but al the small sizes go so fast.
Hope your knee gets sorted out soon. so we can see your sewing creations.
Oh my that coat is fantastic! I love especially love the color.
If you lived closer, I would of made you a whole bunch of sopes.
they are quite easy to make,can buy the Maseca online in UK.

Vix said...

Good luck with the consultant, pain is so draining and I remember how I could never settle before my hip replacement.
Those shoes are all so pretty and Shona looks fab, so colourful. x

Anonymous said...

Love the coat, love the yellow accents and sweet shoes!

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