Sunday, 26 February 2012

A right old spectacle!

Well at the grand age of 45 it's finally come to me that I need reading glasses. I did get some standard ones last time I was at the optician, he basically said, you don't quite need them yet, but you will before you come and see me next time, so he gave me a prescription. The other day I got a splinter in my hand and I just couldn't get it out, so I thought, mmmm perhaps I'll try with those glasses I was given, wow the difference!

So I am now using them for reading and the computer as I remember, but right now I'm not wearing them eeek!

Anyway of course I really don't want standard Specsavers glasses, I didn't mind when I didn't have to wear them but now I do I'd like nice vintage ones. So I got on Etsy and Ebay for a look., however all the ones I liked were on Etsy!

I know I'm a 50s chick but I really don't suit true cats eye shape, they look crazy on me as I have quite a small face, I do like a bit of bling though!! However they are all rather pricey for my budget but I'll carry on looking you know me I always find a bargain.

I do love these though.
Gold Tinsel Glasses 1950s from THAYEREyewear on Etsy

1950's Black Lucite Spectacles from Veramode on Etsy
1950's Aluminium Glasses from Sorocco on Etsy

Chartreuse Green with Gold Confetti from ArtifactVintage on Etsy
As I said all rather pricey so I'll keep looking!

Also I would really like to thank you for such a great response to my hair setting invention, I hope it works for you as well as it worked for me!


1940's knitter said...

What lovely frames - I especially like the ones in the third photo.
Not sure if you've head of him, but I can highly recommend Darren from He has some great frames and offers a brilliant service.
Hope you find some you like :o)

art deco dame said...

I want them all!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

A pair of confetti cats eyes are on my want list! Still havent found the right ones yet - I prefer silver confetti myself :) Good luck finding some lovely new frames - I have 8 pairs now!

Vix said...

What fab specs! I was lucky enough to find a pair of 1950s glasses at the local flea market for 20p and I got mine reglazed for £20 from this company, who are brilliant:
Those chartreuse ones are my favourite. x

LadyAngore said...

I just love the 50´s cateyed glasses with the details on them!
I bought a pair for myself, but haven´t sat in the glass that fits my eyes yet. But I should. ;)

Roxie Roulette said...

I love 1950s shaped glasses! I really should get myself a pair! I am as blind as a bat after all!

Mrs Molly Doll said...

Those glasses are lovely. I just sold two pairs to my girlfriend (very similar to the aluminium ones), and now I need to get reading glasses :(
Good luck on your hunt for a pair!
x Molly

Living Vintage said...

Fiona I always used to joke about my old lady bifocals but soon the joke will be on me as the optician told me I will need them soon.

Tara said...

I LOVE all of those frames, especially the black lucite and the green ones! I have astigmatism and I am near-sighted so I need to wear glasses daily. I have 4 pairs of 50s cat eye frames that have been fitted with my prescription. I also have vintage cat eye sunglasses!

I have found most of my frames on ebay and Etsy. Three of my frames are deadstock! I am always on the hunt for good condition frames for a good price! I love the fact I have to wear glasses because I can accessorize my vintage style even more!

Coedith said...

Cute! I recently went to the eye dr. because my eyes get so tired-truly a sign I am on the computer too long! I now have reading glasses, but they make me dizzy if I look up.

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