Friday, 17 February 2012

Life in Hollywood

This is a fabulous book that I've had for years. It's called Life in Hollywood, 1936 - 1952 Peter Stackpole.

Peter Stackpole was one of the four original 'Life' photographers. I don't know much about him but I think this statement alone kind of says it all!

This book pretty much does what it says on the tin, it is in fact Hollywood from 1936 - 1952 in pictures. It's absolutely fantastic, gorgeous pictures, unusual sometimes, intimate, ordinary, just as 'Life' was. Unfortuately the pictures have come out a little grainy, I scanned them but perhaps not at a good enough resolution, but they are still worth a look.

So if you get the opportunity to buy it, do you'll love it. I found it here on Amazon when I looked so I'm sure you'll find it in other places.

This is the gorgeous picture on the cover, it is Tennis Star Eleanor Cushingham using Raymond Loewy's Palms Springs solarium in 1947, I need to live this life and look like this!

I'm trying to think of other words apart from gorgeous, mmm, ok this is a beautiful shot of Starlets kicking their legs to stretch their backs at the Fox Drama School in 1937.

This lovely lady is a bored extra on the Paramount Set, I can relate to this as I did a lot of extra work when I was younger though I don't ever remember looking as glamorous as this whilst doing so!

This is really one of my favourites shots,well of the ones I've scanned now, there are so many favourites in this book. I love this dressing gown, her hair, the setting *sigh* it is Carole Landis by the way.

I love James Stewart and really think this picture of him after he returned from World War II on a visit to his hometown strolling down the street with his sister Mary, you've got to love James Stewart!

Then last but not least, for some reason I'm really drawn to this photo, it just labelled An Unknown Starlet, how intriguing!

I hope you enjoyed this little look at this book I'm going to have a look through my books and share some in the next few months, particularly ones I never really see mentioned anywhere else.

And finally and a totally unrelated plea! Word verification has just got waaaay more complicated, I removed mine ages ago and have had no problems with dodgy comments at all, it's certainly worth considering removing it if you have word verification on your blog as it's a right pain now. If you're reluctant just give it a go for a week and see if that works, honestly I've had no problems, but commenting on blogs yesterday just took forever. Thank you for listening to my plea ;o)


Perdita said...

Looks an amazing book. I love the looks on their faces- it makes it all the more real to see starlets bored, having a bit of a 'mare etc' rather than always perfect smiley.

sorbetsurprise said...

What a great book! I have also removed word verification and not had any spam comments, I think it encourages people to post when they don't have to prove they are not a robot!

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

Wow, what wonderful photos.... I love how glamorous everyday life could look back in the day.

Tasha said...

What great photos! But what I can't get over is the 2 girls in the background of the photo with Jimmy Stewart and his sister, looking all sassy. Especially the one girl wearing a tee, a blazer and her hair up in a scarf!

keshling said...

I like the look of this books are some of my favourites. I'll look out for it!

K xx

Erica Price said...

Looks a lovely book - is it mostly pictures or is there some text too?

Straight Talking Mama! said...

There is text too, it's not just pictures but the pictures are the main attraction, I can't say I've ever 'read' it just looked at it!

In The Heyday said...

Lovely pics! love that first one - I wonder what she was looking at

Mick said...

I'll ahve ot look into getting this book! I could just stare at the pictures for hours.

DearHelenHartman said...

Thank you for letting us peek inside the book. What wonderful images. I have one of 'young mothers' exercising on my blog today in that same legs in the air pose -do ya get the idea it might have just been a way to get girls to show off their legs for a photo? Anyway - I TOTALLY agree with ya on the word verification. UGH.

Vix said...

What glamour! I adore that film extra sitting alone, looking so bored but so beautiful.
Word verification...arghhh! I'm aving an epic catch-up before I go out and all that stupidity is getting right on my t**s. xxx

Dina said...

What a lovely book...thanks for giving us a peek! I'm with eyes were totally drawn to those two gals in the background behind Jimmy Stewart. I love the rolled-up jeans and sandals on the girl on the left. You can just tell how much fun those two are having!

La Dama said...

That book is amazing!
I love the models bad ass hair.
Oh how I hate word verification is driving me loca!
I'm about to stop commenting on peoples blog for that reason.

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